Bright Lights

"Hey! My name is Adiel Walker, but please call me Ellie! I'm 17, from New York City, and I recently moved to Westfield after my Momma passed away. I live with my cousin, Zeb, and his partner, Allen. Find me with them!"

Adiel Walker is a young woman who was orphaned and went into the custody of her oldest cousin on the maternal side. Though she's gone through more trials and tribulations than your average 18-year-old, she's still happy with her lot in life. When the storm hit, she was granted the ability to teleport - a most annoying and terrifying gift for the easily-frightened young lady.

{For the roleplay Seven Nation Army}

Adiel crept into the master bedroom carefully, quiet as a mouse.

She was trying very hard not to wake up either occupant in case she had just been hearing things and the two of them were peacefully sleeping. However, peeking her head through the door and looking around, she saw Zebediah with his hands holding up his head, blankly staring at his knees – and Allen nowhere in sight.

“…Zeb?” she called out softly, earning a flinch in reply. “Zeb, where’s Allen?”

Zebediah only shook his head, leaving Adiel to look around and see the bathroom light on. She stepped into the room, waiting for Zebediah to tell her to leave; when he didn’t, she quickly made her way over to the bathroom, looking around for the familiar, lanky figure of the man she secretly called ‘father’.

Dark eyes finally found him collapsed on the ground.


Stepping over to him, hands suddenly shaking, Ellie fell to her knees next to her guardian and reached out, touching his shoulder. She shook him, not wanting to turn him and upset him or hurt him. But he didn’t move. He didn’t even jerk under her fingers.

“Allen, c’mon, you can’t…sleep on the bathroom floor…it’s – it’s dirty! And uncomfortable…you need to go back to bed.” She shook him a little harder, but still nothing happened. Feeling her heart in her throat (hearing sirens in the distance listening as the people around her gathered around and wondered oh what happened what’s wrong with that woman oh is she dying dreadful how dreadful), she turned to the bathroom door.

“Zeb! Zeb, come help! Something’s wrong with Allen!”

But she got nothing in return and Ellie shook the doctor harder.

“Allen, wake up, please, you said you’d always wake up if I needed you! You said you would! You promised!”

But still nothing. Allen wouldn’t wake up, and Zebediah wouldn’t listen.

And all she could hear was Momma begging her to please, please smile, Ellie-belly, please.

Please Daddy please, please, please…